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05 Feb 2013


If you never ever traded Forex or currency exchange, possibly you have the feeling that Currency trading is definitely complicated business available to large banks and skilled financial institutions. But in case you have traveled to a foreign country and have exchange your local currency with money of a different currency, then in essence you have done some currency exchange. Currency Trading is available to any individual who is eager and has a pc with access to the internet.

If you want to learn how to trade Forex and do it properly, then the best way ıs always to browse the Internet for information. Unfortunately, often times, you will see loads of false promises, fake opportunities, and plenty of websites trying to sell you the holy grail of Forex robots and indicators. Many of the data on the net are typically contains remade concepts or untested methods which often times the authors do not use in their own live trading accounts. A lot of the self- proclaimed gurus make money from marketing Forex educational material rather than trading Forex.

Before you decide to learn Forex, you should be aware that 95 % of Forex traders lose money. It’s not because they don't put in the effort, it is because they get the wrong Forex education. Listed Below, I will give a plan to follow so that you can learn to trade Forex trading in a few simple tips.

Take responsibility on your own trading- When you learn Forex, you have to begin to understand to consider responsibility for your own actions. Instead of accusing your broker and the market, you have to make the time for you to study and exercise in demo accounts before you put real cash on the line. Pick a broker that's reputable also it meets your trading style. The Forex market is incredibly unstable, you should always anticipate the unpredicted. No matter what the signals and charts indicate, the market might do the complete opposite.

Make your own Forex trading system- Newbie traders that begin to learn Forex, should learn as much as possible and start a trade plan. Your trade plan has to be based on support and resistance, momentum indicators, currency trend, money management, and market sentiment based on fundamental analysis. There's a popular saying that says “Plan your trade and follow your plan”. Sometimes, we're swayed away from our plans because of greed to make more money and fear to lose money.

Exercise sound money management –A sound money management plan won't just benefit your trading, but by utilizing it to all your trading decisions, you will see a significant increase in both revenue and regularity. You should guard your hard earned money and trade with a low risk to reward ratio, set a proper lot size, set a stop loss and take profit, and do not over leverage. Forex trading is usually compared to placing bets at a casino table. The house will always win, but if you utilize a sound money management plan, you'll trade long enough to catch the successful trades, while traders who over leverage their balances will not likely last and will end up losing all the money.

If you want to learn to trade Forex, you ought to follow these basic hints and you will be successful. Consider what is best for you and follow your strategy. Always approach Forex trading much like if you were with a company.



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